Freitag, 12. Juli 2013

The Sea Bugs: A niche for a sea steady living in a mediterranean sea level rising world

     The book five stages of collapse from Dimitri Orlov inspired me for a old mediterean idea of how a clan can live in a narrow and protected niche on the seaside. with no fear to be robbed or get a competitor soon in a declining and sea level rising world. so if we argue that sea level is rising and a vast majority of cities on the sea side will be partly flooded, then most of the power production and canalisation build near the sea will soon come to an end. the city is in danger. a broken sanitation has numerous negative side effects like smell and diseases. So my fiction "Sea Bugs" Clan comes to action: they are collecting the human and animal organic waste and ferment it to methane and humus. methane is energy insentive and can be used for cooking in a can or directly on sea for processing the heat into beer or other processed food. this fermentation can be low tech digesters (popular in india or medium scale more advanced with compressing the methane into cooking cans. I made a sketch here for a better understanding how this seaside culture of collecting, fermenting and bartering can work for some smell immune people. Or simply providing know how like:

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  1. Hi Thomas, I read you're comment on Dmitri Orlov's site about the triloboat building in Croatia next winter and would like to know more, Can you email me: daz at spacehorses dot co dot uk.